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We are a no nonsense brokerage. We do not get involved with all the dirty business of real estate and mortgages that are out there. Our policy is clear. If any of our agents even think of representing a client or customer that is involved in any type of fraud, or about to defraud someone in a real estate transaction, that agent will be immediately terminated from our firm.

If you are a customer or client that is involved in any type of fraud or about to use our brokerage to further your fraud, don’t bother. We are on to you. We only represent honest clients and customers. We don’t need the money, it’s dirty. We earn our fees from our hard and honest work. Any fraud in a real estate transaction hurts and destroys the community, the local economy, people’s lives, and the trust and safety of purchasing real estate, and so on.

Our brokerage assists and educates Federal, State and local agencies on Real Estate Fraud, Mortgage Fraud, HUD fraud, and the like. Many agencies have asked for our help and meet with us on a regular basis.

If you suspect any type of real estate fraud is occurring at our firm, please contact our office and ask for the Principal Broker. All fraud should be reported to the appropriate Federal and/or State agency.

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