Celebrity & VIP Services

We understand the privacy and confidentiality involved.á We maintain your confidentiality by making sure that no one knows who you are, what you are looking for or where you are staying, while in town. We have a number of hotels and resorts that we work with to ensure your confidentiality. We will also arrange for various non-disclosure agreements, if necessary.

Security and Limousine Service

When showing you various estates, we will endeavor to ensure that no other persons are on the estate, at the time of your private visit. Your transportation can either be by car service or by limousine, if preferred. We can make all of your arrangements from pick-up, to departure. Sometimes, additional security is required. Just let us know and we will arrange for that, as well.

VIP Pick-up

If you are traveling by private jet, let us know which airport you are flying into so we can make.

Buying Your New Estate (confidentiality)

We highly recommend that you purchase using a corporate entity or Trust, to preserve your anonymity. Your attorney can advise you on ways to own and hold Title.á If you would like an Florida corporate identity or Trust, we work with a number of attorneys in the area that will ensure your confidentiality, at least from a public records standpoint. One of the biggest problems, or course, occurs when some person decides to brag about the high profile persons they have encountered. We NEVER discuss our clients with anyone and will sign a non-disclosure statement, if desired.

Selling Your Estate

Should you ever decide to sell, an ownership disclosure may be in your best interest, as it could tend to increase the re-sale value of your property. That would only be done by virtue of a signed agreement, of course.

Gated and Guarded

Finally, there are several "very private", guard-gated, exclusive areas in Naples and Marco Island. Many celebrities choose these areas because they offer great amenities, privacy, large estates, excellent views and 24-7 security (some with 24/7 video surveillance).

Tour by Air

If desired, We can arrange for an aerial tour of the area by fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter.

Corporate Location and Relocation Services

We offer commercial, industrial and residential location and relocation services for you and your employees, on a confidential basis. We have done this for many years and have a complete relocation package for you and your company employees.

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